Monday, June 20, 2016

Magical Monday: Alexandra G Sandals & Bundaberg Cocktails

Welcome to Summer!

On Your Feet: Ariana Sandals by Alejandra G

Because: It's Summer Solstice, or the first day of Summer and the day we get the most time to play in the sun. There's something positively magical in the air. You might as well channel it in a pair of mesmerizing shoes, like Alejandra G's Ariana Sandal. If your personal charm doesn't put people under your spell, the psychodelic print on this sandal will. The 4.75 inch heel says you're daring, and the sexy (so-summer-16) ankle laces say you know what's hot now. If your office culture isn't fierce-friendly, pull these stunners out for happy hour and beyond... you've got plenty of time to enchant before the Strawberry Moon makes its appearance.

In Your Glass: a Bundaberg Solar Flare

Today's all about solar energy, so why not channel it in the form of a cocktail that's chock-full of citrus. Enter Bundaberg's Solar Flare. Featuring vodka, Bundaberg Blood Orange sparkling fruit drink, lime and grapefruit, it's sweet, effervescent and just tangy enough. You may not be able to get this exact cocktail at happy hour, but you can get something similar- and it'll say you're a bit more complex than someone who simply orders "vodka orange". Also, it nods to your sunny outlook and sweet personality.

Sipping at home? Here's the recipe:

1.7 fl.oz Vodka
Bundaberg Blood Orange
0.7 fl.oz Lime juice
0.5 fl.oz Grapefruit juice
0.5 fl.oz Orange juice

Build in tall glass. Garnish with Orange, grapefruit and lime wedges.

We received complimentary samples of Bundaberg Sparkling Fruit Drink recently, and we're loving the variety of flavors. Made in Australia, they're craft brewed over 2 days, and they locally source most of their ingredients. To learn more or find out how to get your hands on some, click here.

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