Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Booze Clues: How to Do the Kentucky Chew

Be Sure to Chew your Bourbon

I.W. Harper Bourbon at Goorin Brothers in NYC

A week or so ago, our editor attended a launch event at the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in NYC's West Village for The Harper, a limited-edition premium felt fedora created in partnership with I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Nafeesa Saboor and Ryan Ross talk bourbonWhile there, in addition to sipping cocktails and getting fitted for our her Harper hat, Nafeesa had an opportunity to taste I.W. Harper's recently-released 15 Year Old liquid, compare it with the flavor of their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and to chat about all things bourbon with New York Master of Whiskey, Ryan Ross. As the two discussed the I.W. Harper brand legacy (it's one of the oldest bourbon brands and actually ceased US sales for 20 years before returning recently, though it was continually in production and sold overseas) and the flavor notes in both liquids, another attendee joined the conversation and inquired about the tasting process. Ryan introduced him to the "Kentucky Chew" and consequently inspired this week's #TIPsyTuesday posts on Instagram and Twitter. If you missed the posts yesterday, here they are:

Bourbon Sipping tips from I.W. Harper Bourbon

We know... sometimes it's hard to resist. However, if you're taking shots of aged or premium bourbon, you're wasting it. For some, it's an acquired taste, but the category has a rapidly-growing female fan base. Experiment with different brands and ages... you'll soon find your favorite sipper.

Bourbon Tasting Tips from Shoes N Booze

Your nose actually experiences the things you eat and drink before your taste buds even come into contact with them, this affects the way your taste buds's perception.

Bourbon tasting tips from Shoes N Booze

Your tongue has various different flavor zones that work together to create a full perception. Keep this in mind when tasting bourbon, other spirits and wine. And now... here's how you do the "Kentucky Chew"... 

Tips on the Kentucky Chew

This is only one tasting method. It' probably the most widely known, but there are a number of others used by professionals and connoisseurs within the spirits world. Now that you know the proper way to taste bourbon, go out and share your knowledge... and remember friends don't let friends do shots of good bourbon.

Oh yeah... here's The Harper:

I.W. Harper Bourbons and Goorin Bros Harper Fedora 

Expect to see it on Nafeesa's head pretty often once the temps start to drop outside.

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