Wednesday, August 2, 2017

5 Faves: the Melissa + Jeremy Scott Shoe Sale

All Fun, Half Price

We were all "ooohs and ahhhs" when Jeremy Scott sent neon colored Melissa shoes down the runway with a his Moschino collection. Classic silhouettes with styling and accents inspired by inflatable pool and bath toys, they were playfully sophisticated. They were also high on our wishlist (so we were ridiculously excited when we were gifted the mule one season and the ankle boot the following season. If you haven't already scored a pair or two, here's your chance. They're 50% off (and all less than $125)! Here are our five favorites from the sale:

For a Night Out:

Melissa + Jeremy Scott inflatable Mule Sandal
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Inflatable Mule - Now $90

To Wear Home After Said Night Out (They'll Still Match Your Lewk):

Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ultragirl Inflatable Flats
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ultragirl - Now $55

For Summer Travels (Easy Off and On in the TSA Line):

Melissa + Jeremy Scott Tube Sandal
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Tube Sandal - Now $55

The Office (or a Day of Errands):

Melissa x Jeremy Scott Space Love Flats
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Space Love - Now $60

Rainy Days (Oh, Hey, White Shoe Trend!):

Melissa x Jeremy Scott Ankle Boot
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ankle Boot - Now $105

Which pair is your favorite?

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