Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cutesy Tuesday: Georgina Goodman Fortuna & Stolichnaya Vodka

In Mint Condition

After yesterday's storms in NY, today's sunny glow is as refreshing as a one of those new "Thin Mint" Blizzards from Dairy Queen. In the spirit of all things invigorating, embrace your effervescence today, and slip on your most enticing heels. This minty green "Fortuna" sandal by Georgina Goodman (available at makes the perfect indulgence. Supple kangaroo leather, wrap-around ankle tie straps, gold accents and a 4 inch mirrored split heel provide a delicate appeal with just a little edge.

Though these shoes are entirely intoxicating on their own, you H-A-V-E to take them out for a twirl and a drink. A mojito or mint julep will easily echo the charm of these heels, but aren't you tired of those already? Try something new, and spring for a Mint Summer Nightini. This one came courtesy of the folks at CocktailTimes and blends (and I quote) Stoli Blackberri, cucumber juice, simple syrup and muddled mint leaves. It's sweet, but crisp and is the ideal drink for an evening such as this.

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