Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild Wednesday: Betsey Johnson Sandals & Sagatiba Cachaca

You've Been Spotted!

Have the past two days made you want to roar? When you step out tonight, there's no better way to free your inner predator than a pair of leopard print sandals. Betsey Johnson's Mackenzie d'Orsay stiletto pumps (available at Nordstrom) say there's no taming you. While the bold print puts your wild side on display, the metallic pink ruffle detail means you're equal parts girl and grrrrrr. Worn with a black wrap dress, ankle pants or another simple-but-sexy outfit of your choosing, this fierce pair of footwear will have suitors falling at your feet.

When the drink offers start pouring in, tell them you want an "Aman Snow Leopard". Conceived by star mixologist, John Gakuru, it combines Sagatiba Cachaca with amaretto. It's topped off with heavy cream and a little rose water to subdue some of the sweetness and garnished with a drizzle of espresso to add some kick. One of these will soothe the savage beast within, but don't have too many, though. It's easy go to from sex kitten to she-creature once all the inhibitions are gone, and nobody wants that.

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