Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Mess With Me Monday: Christian Louboutin Let Me Tell You Booties

Well Said...
You've been lauded for your communication skills, but Mondays tend to make you a little sharp tongued. Instead of lashing out, let your footwear express your dicey disposition. These Let Me Tell You booties by Christian Louboutin (available at will say all that needs to be said. The red and black color combination is a serious matter in itself, and lace-up styling always adds a stern air. The 4.5 inch heel, half inch platform and peep toe provides sex appeal. Then, there's the fact that the booties are made of letter cut-outs (though I have yet to decipher what they say). By day, they'll work with a pencil skirt or sheath dress, and at night you can wear them with dressy shorts (like Rojas The Silk Cotton Papersack Dress Shorts).

Since the seasons are still in transition, you can take your pick between dark and light liquor. Today's recommendation is a Red Manhattan, which combines Red Stag by Jim Beam Infused Bourbon (which is flavored with black cherry and tastes great on its own), dry vermouth and sweet vermouth. It's got quite a kick, you'll almost have no choice but to sip this one. Still, one too many may lead to your saying something you'll regret, so be mindful.

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  1. Wish I could have these!!!!!