Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Friday: Kathryn Amberliegh Gladiator Sandals And X-Rated Fusion Cocktails

Bright Heights, Big City

Aren't long weekends the best? This one is bitter sweet, though, because it's the unofficial end of Summer... and the official end of Summer Fridays. Don't let that blow your mood, though. Instead, pay homage to your favorite season in a pair of ultra bright heels like these neon pink patent leather gladiator sandals from Kathryn Amberliegh. The contrast of the dark fabric on the straps reflects the tiny bit of angst you feel at the approach of the cool and cold seasons. Their 4.5 inch heel say you're ready to party, and the lace-up closure at the back says you're not easily undone. 

You're probably getting out of the office early today. That means you can get the party started early. To toast the sunny season, order an X-Rated Summer at the bar this evening. If your bartender doesn't know how to make one, ask him or her to combine X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (premium French vodka and infusions of passion fruit, mango, blood orange and other fruits), watermelon juice, basil leaves, lemon juice and Prosecco. The result will be a sweet, refreshing cocktail perfect for sipping on an outdoor patio while you people watch with your girls. (Yes she DID wear THAT outside). Careful, though... while this drink tastes yummy and innocent (despite its name), keep in mind you're drinking vodka. Too many X-Rated cocktails may lead to an embarrassing R-rated night if you're not careful. 


  1. Totally into paying homage to summer with a bad pair of pumps!!!! I want them to scream, "Wait summer, come back!!!!" Any more suggestions?

  2. I'll post a "Work" inspired pair on Monday... and maybe a surprise or two over the weekend. Oh, and if you're not already following me on twitter (@stylescrybe), do so... I often post shoes there that I don't post here.