Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sketchual Heeling: Ruthie Davis’s Favorites


Drawn to Perfection

Ruthie Davis’s designs range from daring to down right dicey. Her spike-, neon strap- and stud-adorned shoes have complimented the sartorial choices of style inspirers from Beyonce to Lady Gaga, and, well, I swoon every time I spy a pair. She recently shared some of her favorite sketches from the S/S ‘11 collection on her blog, and though I’m still feeling faint from the sight, I figured I’d share a couple of the ones I like most.






















To see the rest, click HERE. Which ones are your favorites? Oh, and am I the only one who wishes there was a such thing as that silver one in real life???

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  1. That first sketch is my fave! They're all gorgeous!! And yes, a silver one would be magnificent :)