Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Booze Review: Attems 2010 Pinot Grigio


Grape Expectations


ATTEMS - PINOT GRIGIO 2010I seldom discuss wine here, but that’s about to change… starting now. Ladies, the wine you drink says as much about you as your shoes and your cocktail. (The selection process can be confusing, so check back soon for more info on which wine says what.) There’s white, there’s red, sparkling, rose… and the list goes on. However, there are certain types you can find on almost any menu, and Pinot Grigio is one of them. It’s one of the more versatile varieties of white wine- easily sipped alone or paired with chicken, fish or other light meats. Recently, the folks at ATTEMS sent me a bottle of their 2010 Pinot Grigio to review.

ATTEMS wines come from Collio DOC in the northeastern part of Italy, and the winemaking lineage of the ATTEMS family dates back 900 years.

I asked my friends, Enovia Bedford of Accessory Remix (June Ambrose was just spotted in one of her necklaces) and Yenitza Lindsay of Sociallite Accessories to try it with me and give their opinions.

The Sniff…

We took a quick sniff to see what flavors we detected in the aroma

The Sip…

We sipped it to pick up the subtleties in the flavor

The Verdict (and potential food pairings)…

We rated it and decided which foods would work best with it

Tasting Notes (from Attems): The wine appears an intense straw yellow with gold highlights, luminous and appealing. Rich, complex notes of fruit are first to please, with banana, pear, mandarin, and
kumquat, as well as pink grapefruit and white peach, and the bouquet ends in a flourish with generous orange blossom honey. The elegance and length of the palate are notable, as is its silky mouth feel, finely balanced by a crisp acidity and ultra-savoury fruit.

I’m not as well-versed in my vino as I am in my cocktails, so this is a journey we can take together. One thing I’ve learned: white wine needs at least 3 years of aging to reach full maturity. Nonetheless, my friends and I definitely enjoyed the ATTEMS. Now I want to know what a 2008 tastes like.

Oh… FYI (a HUGE wine site) is shining the spotlight on Pinot Grigio for the month of August via its Global Tasting Initiative ( If this review has you thirsty for more pinot info, check them out (and maybe even participate).

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  1. I think I will pick up a bottle as a gift! Thanks for the tips.