Thursday, December 12, 2013

New York Spot-Light: Whitman and Bloom Liquor Company

Though their lives were modest, they believed in eating well. James Joyce

Deciding where to grab a drink (and possibly nosh on something tasty) in Manhattan's bar-heavy Kip's Bay can be tough for even the savviest sipper. If you're in the mood for artisanal cocktails and/ or made-to-be-shared, locally-sourced rustic new American fare, consider stopping at the 19th Century retreat-inspired Whitman and Bloom on 3rd Ave between 27th and 28th Streets. I recently attended the launch of the restaurant's winter menu and sampled a few seasonal cocktails.

The bartender mixed cocktails with masterful nonchalance 
(See my thoughts on the cocktails after the jump)

After a quick scan of the menu, I decided to start with the Peat Elixer. A little sweet, a little spicy and slightly smoky, this concoction starts with a base of Glenlivet 12 and then mixes in natural honey, a splash of ginger and lemon. It was most definitely my favorite that night. 

The Peat Elixer
Next I tried the Michther's Bourbon-based Odyssey, a fairly sweet mixture that includes calvados (apple-based brandy), Chambord and cinnamon. This one was a bit sweet for my preference, but it's definitely a great option for those who like drinks that are gentler on the palate. 

The Odyssey
Those who dig egg whites in cocktails will enjoy the 1929, which also includes Bulleit Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and bitters. If not for the simple syrup, this may have been perfect for me (I love Bulleit and bitters). 

1929 Cocktail from Whitman and Bloom
The 1929
The menu included quite a few more cocktails, and not all were made with dark liquor. However, I prefer whiskies and cognac during the chillier seasons, so those were the ones I tried. To see the complete cocktail menu, click over to Booze Menus, and then go taste for yourself. I'd love to know your thoughts. 

The brunch menu launches on Saturday, so that may be a good time to try this spot out. 

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