Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shoe Score! The Sophia Webster Sample Sale in NY

A Tale of a Shoe Sale

Is this not the cutest sample sale illustration, EVER?
The good news about this weekend's Sophia Webster sample sale in New York? I missed lining up in the rain, thanks to a brunch meeting. The bad news? I also missed most of the shoes I really wanted... as in I actually got there just in time to see 2 (TWO!) women walk up to the register with pairs of shoes I've been coveting for months. Adding insult to injury, each woman walked around the sample sale floor for at least 10 minutes in the shoes before purchasing. I guess neither the "Kimmi" mule, nor the "Izzy" pump were meant to be mine that day.

Sophia Webster Izzy Pump
Sophia Webster Pink Kimmi Mule

Alas, There were still a few pairs left that tickled my fancy (because that's what Sophia Webster shoes are designed to do, right? They cause an indescribabe feeling in the fanciest part of one's fashion sense). I tried on the "Finn" lace-up sandal, and as much as I love hearts, I felt the style was too limiting in terms of wardrobe options. Then there was the adorable  "Lula" sandal. I'm a sucker for ankle straps, but this style also seemed to present too many limits.

Sophia Webster Lula Sandal

Sophia Webster Finn Sandal

Apparently, I was meant to add a pair of "killer" heels to my shoe family that day.

Sophia Webster Nicky Sandal

It's been said (all over instagram) that shoes speak louder than words. To me, these "Nicky" sandals said "I'm happy, but I'll cut ya if I have to." I like that message, I love the way the ankle strap looked on my legs and I appreciated that the neon yellow can be worn almost as a neutral. Score! (Plus, they're comfortable, so they won't be killers to my feet. Yay!) Oh... and they were $150. WIN!

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