Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wild Wednesday: Charlotte Olympia Ophelia Pumps and

Hot Spot

You're the exotic one who makes hearts "sang" and "everythang... groovy". Whether at work or at play, your vibrant, unique style stands out. You find the funkiest stuff wear it like no other. These Charlotte Olympia"Ophelia" pumps (Available at Net-a-Porter) are sure to elicit plenty of admiring glances and cat calls. If they hyena spotted pony hair doesn't get 'em, the hot pink silk covered 5 inch heel and trim just might. Put it all together with a red ankle tie and one inch covered platform, and it makes for a shoe that says you like to keep things exciting. Here's a challenge: wear them with an outfit that's not all black, tan or hot pink.

Another challenge will be to walk straight after your shoes have mesmerized men into buying you a few "Swazi Freezes." From the "Absolut Bartender", this fall-friendly (pun on the word fall) drink combines peach brandy with Capertif (you can subsitute bitters) and Rye Whiskey. It has a smooth, sweet/sour taste, but be prepared for that warm feeling in your chest when you sip this one.

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