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Booze Book Review: Cosmo’s Official Cocktail Book


Sipping Sexy

Cosmo's Official Cocktail BookNot long ago, I was watching Today with Kathy Lee & Hoda (as I do almost every morning), and they were sampling drinks from COSMO’S OFFICIAL COCKTAIL BOOK: The Sexiest Drinks for Every Occasion (prepared by some of the sexiest bartenders in New York- see video HERE). As I envied their morning swill, I also made a mental note to purchase the book However, I didn’t have to. I was sent a complimentary copy to review!

Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book IndexI often refer to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s online drink guides for cocktails to pair with the shoes you see on this blog, and this book is a compilation of  their readers’ favorites. The first thing I noticed upon opening it was the Cocktail Recipe Visual Index. If you’re planning a party with a color theme, or want to remember the name of a drink that matches your new hot pink platforms, this feature makes it easy. In addition, it’s categorized by liquor type. I wish it was also indexed by occasion/ season, but that’s just because I’m spoiled. However, the recipes are broken down into six chapters, based on whether a drink is flirty, fun, fabulous, romantic, sweetly seductive or “What A Guy Wants.” Plus, there are cool tips and trivia throughout. For instance, some cocktail recipe pages also feature “Hook Him Hints,” while others include conversation starters or cool facts.

Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book QuizCOSMO’S OFFICIAL COCKTAIL BOOK also includes quick, fun quizzes (it wouldn’t be Cosmo without the quiz, right?). Upon taking them, you’ll find out whether you’re a “Hell Raiser” or “Party Pooper, ”Flirt Fanatic” or “Flirt Averse”, a “Way Brave Babe” or “Shrinking Violet.” If I had my druthers, each “type” would be matched with an example cocktail or two, but the quizzes were still fun to take. I’m sure everyone can guess where StyleScrybe rated.

Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book CourseThen there’s the “Cocktail Crash Course” toward the end of the book, which puts lots of useful information into digest form. From which glasses to use with which cocktail types, to a metric conversion chart and a Q & A with Belvedere Vodka’s head of Mixology, Claire Smith, this chapter may have your friends thinking you’ve taken a bartending course (or studied Shoes N Booze from day 1). You know how you look at drink recipes in restaurants sometimes and wonder WTH bitters are? Well the “Liquors Worth a Shot” section answers that question and more.

I’d say this book is worth its weight in rim sugar. Plus it looks great on your in-home bar. Whether you’re hosting a girls’ night in, pregaming before the club or trying to score big with a new beau, you’ll find something suitable in COSMO’S OFFICIAL COCKTAIL BOOK.

*NOTE: Photos, information and images Reprinted with permission from Cosmo’s Official Cocktail Book, by the Editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine, copyright 2011, Hearst Books.

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