Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cutesy Tuesday: Topshop Sindy Sandals


Hot Pink

TopShop Sindy Sandal ShoesNBoozeInspired by fashion from years gone by, you have timeless style, Polly Proper, and your shoe wardrobe shows it. Today, nod to the 1940s with a pair of classic pin-up-inspired peep toe sandals, like the Sindy by Topshop. The big satin polka dot bow conjures thoughts of a more innocent time, and the peep toe is sweetly sexy. Yet the 5 inch heel vamps them up to the current millenium. These pumps call for a pencil skirt, but they’ll also make a pretty pairing for your favorite jeans (rolled up, of course). Also don’t be scared to wear them with a lavender hoop skirt.

Tyku Superfruit Martini Shoes N Booze

When it’s time to slip off your white gloves and sip a spirit or two, you can’t get more classic than a martini. You like your drinks a little sweet, though, so try a TY-KU Superfruit Martini. With a wink, ask your bartender to mix 1 oz TY-KU Soju, 1 oz TY-KU Liqueur and a splash of cranberry juice. It’s less than 100 calories, so you’ll be able to keep that waistline trim. Oh, and though you may not taste a lot of alcohol, TY-KU is a bit of a prowler. It sneaks up on you, so stay ladylike and sip slowly.


  1. 100 cals? 4 please. thanks for the heads up on the recipe.

  2. Very cute heels indeed. That TY-KU Superfruit Martini is the perfect match for them.

    I don't drink but do love how you always match up the drinks and shoes just right.