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Booze Clues: What to Drink on Cinco de Mayo


Raise your hand if you think Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. Put it back down. QUICKLY before anyone sees you. Seriously, though, don’t feel bad because lots of other people are also misinformed. May 5 commemorates the 1862 Battle of the Puebla, in which the Mexican army achieved an unlikely victory over French forces. (Think of the movie 300, but in Mexico with the underdog winning and without the ab-bearing war capes.) This year is the 150th celebration. We Americans like any excuse for a good, boozy party, though. Here are cinco choice concoctions to sip after shouting ‘Salud’ (because maybe you don’t want a regular margarita today).


El Jimador Cinco Punch

El Jimador Cinco Punch

If you happen to be hosting a party for Cinco de Mayo instead of participating in a bar crawl or bottomless cocktail brunch, this is the drink for you. It’s got plenty of alcohol (sure to make the piƱata dangerously fun), but it also has a fresh, bittersweet flavor.


Garnish: Pommegrante seeds, raspberries lime and pink grapefruit discs for garnish

Glass: Punch bowl + serving Glasses


1. Place Ice carefully into the punch bowl

2. Add all liquid ingredients and stir gently but thoroughly

3. Garnish with raspberries, pommegrante seeds, lime discs,  pink grapefruit discs

*Photo credit: El Jimador


Voli Light Low-Cal Latin Lover

Voli Light Low Cal Latin Lover

Watching your weight (while praying to Chalchiuhtlicue, the Aztec goddess of love for a bit of romance) tonight? This 144 calorie cocktail is for you. Ordering it at the bar just might catch the ear of a handsome reveler. It’s sweet and doesn’t have the kick of tequila, so be extra careful not to drink it too quickly or drink too many.

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Orange Twist (or a little umbrella for a tropical flair!)


  1. In a mixing tin, add ice, Voli Orange Vanilla, Lemonade, Agave Nectar and Pineapple Juice.
  2. Shake and strain into a rocks glass

*Photo credit: Voli Light Vodka


VnC Cucumber Margarita

VnC Cucumber Margarita

Have you and your crew decided to make Cinco de Mayo a girls’ night in? (I’m not judging. Sometimes all you need is cocktails and your favorite chicas.) Opting for a ready-to-serve cocktail will keep things super simple. All you have to do is pour VnC Margarita into your glass and garnish with a cucumber slice. (I haven’t had a chance to sample VnC yet, but the concept seems cool.) It’s made with 100% natural fruit juice and no artificial preservatives, additives or colors. It’s also 13.9% premium tequila (about 28 proof) and 150 calories or less per serving.

*Photo Credit: VnC


Drambuie Cactus Bite


Whiskey drinkers, fret not. Drambuie’s brand ambassador, Anthony Caporale conceived a cocktail that gives you the bite of tequila with the kick of whiskey.


Glass: Highball

Garnish: Lemon wedge


  1. Fill mixing tin halfway with ice and add all ingredients.
  2. Shake until tin is frosted and then strain into glass over fresh ice.
  3. Garnish with lemon wedge and serve with a straw.

*Photo credit: Drambuie



Mexico Revolucion

Here’s one for the hearty drinker. It’s tart and as complex to consume as it is in flavor. I doubt I’ll have to warn you not to have too many of these, but do remember that it’s 100 proof (yes, that’s very strong).


  • 2 oz. of Tequila REVOLUCION 100 PROOF
  • 1 lime
  • 1 lime supreme
  • Lime zest (1/2 lime)
  • Orange zest (1/4 orange)
  • 1 dash of Natural Syrup
  • Grain salt, Worm salt

Stir the lime juice in a glass with a touch of natural syrup. Then, add crushed ice and the lime and orange zest. Last, add the grain salt. The drink serves itself in complement with a shot of tequila REVOLUCION 100 PROOF. Stir the shot into the glass and observe how the elements merge while you pour it.

TIP: If you do not have worm salt, frost the glass with salt, mixed with ground-roasted peppers.

*Photo credit: Tequila REVOLUCION


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