Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Shoes or Booze: Anjolee Fine Jewelry- Sponsored Post


Anjolee Magnificent Journey Diamond Bridal Set

Wedding season is approaching, and with various friends asking for help in selecting their diamond bridal sets lately, I’ve been checking out quite a few jewelry sites. My left ring finger is living la vida naked, but all this bride talk has me wondering what type of ring I’ll want when the day comes for me to start looking at rings. Recently, Anjolee was brought to my attention. Since they allow you to choose from a pretty large selection of base designs, and then customize based on your budget and taste, I decided to play around.

Anjolee Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Far from the engagement ring mindset in my own life, I decided to check out the tennis bracelets. We all deserve to shine, whether someone’s “put a ring on it,” or not, right? The above pictured bracelet was my favorite style, and in addition to choosing which precious metal you want it set in, you can also select the carat weight that best fits your budget. Plus, you can select from a range of gemstones. The price starts at $1739.30 on it, so I’m wishing on a star for a combination of diamonds and my birthstone (peridot).

Anjolee Quad Strand Diamond Anniversary Ring


My dad also recently asked what he should get my stepmom for their upcoming anniversary. I didn’t know about Anjolee at the time, but if I did, I would have suggested he check out a diamond anniversary band or the stunning quad strand anniversary ring you see above. Now I’m thinking maybe I can nudge him to make that tennis bracelet my birthday gift. Wish me luck.


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