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Shoe Review: Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett


Be Heel Quiet

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Not too long ago, I received a pitch for a “quiet heel,” as in one that doesn’t click-clack loudly when you walk. I was a bit skeptical, but I accepted the request to review a complimentary pair of Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett.


I received the Kate sling back, peep toe bootie ($149 at The style was pretty sleek & simple. Still, black suede seemed a bit heavy for spring. Just as they arrived, though, the temperatures took a dip, so I paired them with some mustard colored BDG jeans and my Funtote bag (with which I am currently enamored) and took them out on the town for a day.

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I walked at least eight New York blocks and up and down quite a few flights of stairs.



  • They’re lined in Lycra, so they feel really soft on the inside- no rubbing on the toes no matter how long I walked, EVEN with a little late day foot swell.
  • The heel strike really is low volume. It’s not silent, but it’s definitely not as loud as a typical heel. (see the video comparison below…
Kate bootie from Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett
Classic black pump on the same floor…
  • They’re surprisingly stabilizing for a 4 inch, slightly-thicker-than-a-stiletto heel. I don’t tend to wobble in my heels, but I often see women who do. Therefore, in the interest of research, I attempted a little left-right wiggle while I walked… They didn’t budge.


  • They’re not colorfast. When I took them off, I noticed that the parts of my foot that had touched the black suede throughout the day were blackened by it. As for my jeans, well… It’s a good thing this is on the inside.

Ssh-oes Review- My jeans after

  • The toe opening is an odd cut. I like that the part under the toe is a little pointy, but it’s like the shape of the opening mirrors that. As a result, it provides a slightly awkward toe view (but that might just be my feet). Also, it resulted in a bit of discomfort in that area.
  • They’re not super cushioned under the foot bet. For the first couple of blocks, it didn’t bother me, but by block 3, I was wishing for gel inserts. This may not affect those who don’t do a lot of walking, though. Plus the elastic sling back pushes pretty tightly on the back of the ankle, which doesn’t feel too great after a while.

Verdict (Scale of 1-5):

Style- 3.75 They’re simple enough for work looks and grabbing drinks with the girls, but I like shoes with a bit more za-za-zoo (in the words of Carrie Bradshaw). Still, if I can figure out how to keep them from turning my feet and my clothes black, I’ll wear them again.


Comfort- 4 They don’t require a balancing act to walk, the rubber that makes them so quiet also seems to absorb some of the shock from the heel strike and the neoprene lining feels quite sock-like. However, the lack of cushioning under the ball of the foot, the toe opening and the tight elastic on the sling back keep them from getting a perfect score.

That said, aside from the color bleed concerns, they get my general approval for folks who don’t plan on walking 6 city blocks in them, especially if you work in an office without carpeting.

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  1. You can definitely hear the difference! I'm such a heavy walker so these shoes sounds cool. I'm going to check out some of their other styles. Thanks girl!