Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost There Thursday: A.Testoni Pumps & Claret Cups

If You're Happy, then Bordeaux It

It's been a week since the "ball dropped," and you're still sticking to your resolution of spicing things up. Not one for stilettos or skyscraper heels, you tend to stick to more sensible, office-friendly options. That doesn't mean you can't live a little, though. Pick a classic style with fun embellishments, like these pumps from A.Testoni. The heel height, tassels and Bordeaux color make them conservative, but the bare toe decollete they display and studs give them an unexpected hint of sexiness. They might not work for parties, but their great for a highbrow happy hour.

When you're at said happy hour, you can go the simple route and order a glass of Bordeaux, or you can make it a little more interesting and ask for a Claret Cup (recipe and image courtesy of Esquire). While there are numerous recipes available, our favorite is the one that mixes red Bordeaux with a splash of sherry, a little Grand Marnier and a dash of superfine sugar. It'll have a little more kick that the simple glass of wine, and it may prove to be a conversation starter (to help you stick to the other resolution of being more social).


  1. Those are nice. I might even be able to wear those on light-duty months.

  2. Love those shoes!!!! Fly and perfect height :). Thanks lady!

  3. Love the color and design of those shoes. Nice rich color.