Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun Friday: Giuseppe Zanotti I87039 Madelene Booties & Lucid Absinthe's Ol' Lucy Blue Eyes

Stroke of Genius!

The creative energy is flowing abundantly today, and while you still haven't managed to sign up for that ceramics class (as New Year's Resolution #10 suggested), you can still let your artistic side show. An artsy pair of shoes- like these I87039 Madelene booties by Giuseppe Zanotti (available at will let everyone know the Picasso within you is alive and kicking. The 4 inch high metallic midnight stiletto heel makes them sexy, and the half inch hidden platform keeps them comfy. Yet, it's the multi-colored satin, printed to resemble the strokes of an artist's brush, that shows true genius.

Continue the creative theme this evening at happy hour by imbibing a drink made with Absinthe, the spirit said to have inspired countless artists and bohemians of yesteryear. An Ol' Lucy Blue Eyes (recipe and image from Lucid Absinthe), will no doubt erase any blue feelings you've accumulated over the past week. It's quite a complicated recipe, but the basics are Stoli Blueberi, Lucid Absinthe, Simple Syrup. Also ask your bartender to add a little lemon juice, Massenez Framboise, gingerbeer and blueberries if possible. Absinthe's flavor is strong and a bit pungent, so be prepared for an unusual taste. The bluberry flavor of the vodka and the berries will help keep it from overpowering everything else, though. Oh, and don't worry, the absinthe that's available these days won't have you halucinating or anything. (For exact measurements and directions, visit


  1. fabulous Giuseppe Zanotti bootie!!! I am feeling particularly creative today, and I wish I had a pair of these beauties to keep the creative juices flowing.

  2. LOVED seeing this shoe on You really do have great taste!