Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Mess With Me Monday: Guillaume Hinfray Korneohoros Pumps & Absolut Black Basil Cocktails

Stars and Hype

It's your first day back in the office after the holidays. Normally, you'd be bummed, but that goes against your New Year's Resolution to have a positive outlook. Besides, when you looked in the mirror this morning and told yourself you're a star, you believed it. (Resolution #10: use positive affirmations to get closer to your goals.) You're outshining the competition today, and you "pity the fool" who tries to dim your light. Guillaume Hinfray's Kornephoros pumps are the perfect celebration for your celestial vibe. Named after the brightest star in the constellation of Hercules, these handmade detailed leather pumps (from his Bottier collection) are sure to attract attention. The jaded steel color and diamond detailing give them an edge, but it's the narrow, 4 inch metal heel with the mock body piercing detail that provides their true severity.

Shoes such as these call for a drink with lots of kick. The Absolut Black Basil oughtta do the trick. This potent combination of Absolut 100, lemon juice, limoncello, simple syrup and tonic is a bit tart, and the addition of fresh basil leaves gives it a slightly herbal finish. Before your girlfriends try and copy you, be sure to warn them that this isn't one for the weak.

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