Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Mario Bologna Bulldog Pumps &

Pretty Puppies!

Many say the the dog of choice for the ultra-femme is a Pomeranian or perhaps a chihuahua. We at S&B recently stumbled across a reason to differ with that opinion. Enter, Mario Bologna's Bulldog pumps (available at Forzieri). The plum color of the patent pumps, combined with the proper plaid trim and the plastic bulldog (with rhinestone collar) accents, makes them playfully prim. The two-tone 4 inch metal stiletto heel adds an unexpected level of funk to the shoe, though. This shoe is a true reflection of your style and mood today. While you're always the perfect lady, you're also full of surprises, aren't you?

Giver your friends a little shocker when they hear you order a Cherry Bitch (excuse your language) tonight at happy hour (image & recipe courtesy of It's made with currant tea-infused Bulldog Gin, a few cherries, apple juice, a little simple syrup and dash of lime juice, so it doesn't have much bite. Still, enough of them will give you more than a proper buzz, so enjoy it responsibly.

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