Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shoe Review: Cougar Mirage Boots


Cougar Boots

I’m not a big fan of winter. Snow, slush, cold, black ice… none of those things are stiletto-friendly. Actually, they’re not even cute flat boot friendly in many cases. Granted, I have a few pairs of high heeled snow boots, but there are days when I want something a bit more comfortable. I think the shoe gods hear my laments last winter, so they sent a little birdie to mention Shoes N Booze to the folks at Cougar Boots, who then sent me a complimentary pair of Mirage winter boots for review.

Funny thing- the boots arrived right before that freak snowstorm that hit the Northeast a couple weeks ago, so I actually got to test them in some snow. They were AWESOME! Their “Polar Plus” lining feels like Heaven and is sure to keep me warm on frosty days (apparently they’re rated effective in temps down to –22 degrees Fahrenheit). They also feature a very cushy insole, so it felt like I was walking on some type of cloud. They’re not bad looking, either. They’ll be great with jeans or leggings and a sweater this winter. Will I wear them to parties or to get cocktails with friends? No. Will I be glad I have them when walking around New York in the aftermath of a snowstorm? You bet!

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